One Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

One Day Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Buying a great activity that everyone is able to enjoy when visiting Grand Encolure National Park? Get one of these you day, Colorado River drift tour. These trips navigate one of the most beautiful parts of the canyon and deliver an one-of-a-kind experience no other day trip can match. adventures sailing charters

These water-rafting adventures start from the South Edge, where you require a tour bus or an airplane to Glenn Canyon Dam in Page, AZ. The drift starts at the Dam’s base and goes 12-15. 3 miles downstream to historic Lee’s Ferry. Right here you’ll pull out prior to rapids start and jump a motor coach to the National Park. 

Types of Smooth Water Drift Trips

The basic version includes a bus ride to Page. The route is packed with scenic gems, running from Desert Watchtower and the Little Colorado to the Navajo Bridge and the Painted Desert. The deluxe version comes with an airplane flight and a Jeep tour of fabulous Antelope Canyon.

Both equally packages need you to drive through the dam’s 2-mile access tunnel on the east side. This kind of tunnel is spectacular and was bored prior to the dam’s construction in order to get materials to the base and remove blasted rock. The pontoon rafts are docked at the camp of the Dam’s 700-plus foot wall membrane.

The Colorado River

The float goes past extremely orange sandstone cliffs and rock formations. The penultimate highlight is when you navigate around beautiful Horseshoe Bend. You will also pull away at a sandy beach and take a quick walk to view historical Indian rock art, or petroglyphs. It’s around here that the occurrence of wildlife increases.

The ground changes as you around Lee’s Ferry, which is also known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. The landmark was given its name a pioneer named John Deb. Lee, who was entrusted by the Mormon House of worship to operate a ferry that will get missionaries across the river. The ferry became obsolete in the early 1900’s with the construction of Navajo Passage.

Lee’s Ferry

From Glenn Canyon to Lee’s Ferry, the water is clean and refreshing. There’s not a trace of whitewater (a. k. a. rapids). This changes after Lee’s Ferry, the place that the “real” riv picks up its brain of steam and gaps into roaring, churning dunes of water.

These one-day float tours are well suited for travelers of all age ranges. Kids four years of age and older can do it, as can fit seniors. Teens and twenty-somethings will also enjoy this trip.

Departure Period

This trip leaves in the morning around 6th: 30 a. m. and will require a full day. Trips are seasonal and run from March to November. I like to recommend that you book ahead of time as car seats fill quickly. Use the Internet to find and book the best offers.

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